TWA Energy and Trading

TWA Energy and Trading, LLC is a specialized company in Energy and general supplying of the following:

• Construction Equipment.
• Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Equipment and Controls.
• Energy Monitoring Software.
• Water Treatment and Desalination Plants.
• Airports Ground Support Equipment.
• Forklifts and Warehouse Handling Tools.
• Cars and Heavy Construction Equipment.
• Cars and Heavy Equipment Spare Parts.
• Raw Materials Including but not Limited to Construction Materials and Accessories.
• Photo Voltaic Equipment and Controls (Complete Solar Systems).
• Wind Mills Equipment and Controls.
• Diesel and Natural Gas Generators.
• Energy Storage Equipment.
• Uninterrupted Power Supply Equipment (UPS)
• Network Frames, Communication Equipment, Spare Parts and Accessories.
• Electronic Devices and Spare Parts.
• Analytical Devices and Laboratory Equipment.
• Radiological Survey Meters
• Industrial Safety, Protection Means and Tools
• Hospital supplies including but not limited to:
     a) Diagnostic equipment.
     b) Intensive care equipment.
     c) Surgical Apparatus.