Dr. Mark E. Shoukry, P.E., LEED AP, M. ASCE 
CEO/Engineering Director


Dr. Shoukry is an experienced Engineering Director who is specialized in development and project planning. Dr. Shoukry has also specialized in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on HVAC design, energy analysis and projects with large budgets. He has more than twenty years of experience in engineering design, project management for large projects that include multi-disciplines like architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, environmental assessment, civil and cost estimates. He is also a project manager for numerous multi-disciplines complex facility projects; some of these projects totaled more than $500 Million in construction costs. He has successfully designed and completed the construction of facilities for different applications such as but not limited to airports, healthcare, recreation, commercial, medical offices, mission critical facility, educational and high rise residential buildings. He has been involved in technical training of mechanical engineers, solving complex engineering problems on site for large projects and personally involved in strategic marketing planning.
Dr. Shoukry earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University, Mechanical and Aerospace Department and he is a registered professional engineer in California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington and Ohio. He is also a member of many engineering organizations.

Areas of Expertise

Broad Based Background for Project Management for Multi-Disciplines Projects
Projects Development and Planning
Business Development
Marketing and Technical Presentations
Client Interface Experience
Healthcare Facilities Experience
NAVFAC SW Experience
Civic Projects Experience
Sustainable Projects Experience
Airports Design Experience
Dept. of Defense and GSA projects Experience
Energy Efficiency Modeling
HVAC Design specializing in, Educational, Commercial, Medical Office Buildings, Lab Experience,
Mission Critical Facility Design Experience
Site Inspection and Problem Solving
Design/Build Projects Experience
Construction Project Management
Trilingual Languages (English, French and Arabic)
PhD/2003/Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering/ West Virginia University
MSME/1998/Material and Manufacturing Engineering
American University in Cairo, Egypt
BSME/1986/Ain Shamss University, Cairo, Egypt
Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer in State of CA, HI, WA, NV, OH and AZ
Member of ASHRAE, ASME and ASCE

Project Experience / Sample Projects

sandiegoSan Diego International Airport (SDIA) Utilities and PMO/USO Project, San Diego, CA ($ 280M)

Led a team of MEP engineers to design and upgrade SDIA utilities including but not limited to hydronics, power, gas, and communication lines using the state of art 3-D software (Civil 3D and Navisworks). The scope of work also included MEP design of a new building to serve the parking management office and USO new facility using REVIT. The design followed the Green building guidelines (LEED Silver).

During the project design, the client requested to include a phasing plan to ensure the non-stop operation of San Diego International Airport. Dr. Shoukry put together the plan to minimize the time of the down time of the central plant room serving the airport.

San Diego International Airport (SDIA) Expansion Project, San Diego, CA ($ 540M)-On Going Design/Built Project

Project consisted of mechanical design of 2M SF area including the addition of ten new gates to Terminal Two West, upgrade of the main central utilities plant and adding a new pumping station to serve the addition of twenty four air handling units to serve the new upgrades. The project also included providing an energy model that can exceed the requirement of ASHRAE 90.1 to qualify the project for required LEED credits. My role in this project is to lead the mechanical design team as a project manager and ensure that project will be performed on time and within budget. I was also responsible to make sure that all URS QA/QC procedure be implemented and documented to ensure quality.

pacific beaconPacific Beacon Residential Towers (Three 18 Story High Rise Towers), San Diego, CA ($ 500M)

Project Manager responsible for reviewing mechanical drawings for code compliance, signing and stamping forms on behalf of NAVFAC SW for construction, supervising MEP site visits, reviewing inspection reports and responding to critical RFI’s related to code compliance and constructability.

I was also responsible for reporting to the Navy the site construction progress and any technical problems that may result from not following the manufacturers’ guidelines for installations or poor workmanship. In addition, I was responsible to give the contractors the required technical directions to complete the project on schedule and avoid any technical problems during commissioning.

Yokota Air Force Hospital, Yokota, Japan

Led a team of mechanical engineers to renovate two floors for Yokota Air Force Hospital in Japan, the approximate area for the renovated floors was about 100,000 SF. The project scope of work included renovations of seven medical suites on first floor and the new administration area on the forth floor. During the design I was responsible to technically guide mechanical design engineers to phase the project during construction to ensure the non-stop operation for other hospital’s floors and medical suites.

New Camp Pendleton Hospital Utilities Study

Led a team of mechanical and electrical engineers to evaluate the existing utilities serving the new location for the Camp Pendleton New Hospital location to ensure adequate capacity of existing utilities to serve the new hospital project. The study included not only the capacities of water lines, gas lines, storm water lines and electrical transformers but also the possible economical new routes of the utilities.

Old Camp Pendleton Hospital Building Assessment

Led a team of mechanical and electrical engineers to evaluate and assess the existing old Camp Pendleton hospital MEP systems and the possible scenarios to change the building into an administration building. The study also included evaluation of the central plant room serving the hospital building and the new projects that took place for modernization and renovation of the old hospital building and come up with a budget for changing the building into an office building.

PMB Medical Office Suites Buildings, San Diego, CA (More Than 50 MOB including multiple OSHPD 3)

Project Manager responsible for MEP design, coordination with different trades, responding to city plan check comments, approving shop drawings and responding to contractors RFI’s. Some of the medical suites MEP design required high technical experience level as they included designing HVAC systems dedicated to MRI equipment or to satisfy OSHPD 3 requirements. My role in these projects was to ensure the quality of the design and completing projects within schedule and budget.

Dr. Ahdoot Medical Suite, Burbank, CA

Project Manager responsible for MEP design; the total area of Dr. Ahdoot suite was approximately 3000 SF. Dr. Ahdoot medical suite scope of work included design of operating room with all associated requirement for medical gas, pack up power and special requirements for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning as per OSHPD-3 requirement. Scope of work also included coordinating design with all other trades and qualify project for building permits.

Oncology Medical Office Building, Oceanside, CA

Project Manager responsible for MEP design, coordination with different trades, responding to city plan check comments and contractor’s RFI’s. The Oncology project had a pharmacy area that was handling radioactive materials which required special mechanical design arrangements to comply with code requirements.

Imaging Center-Grosmont Medical Office Building, San Diego, CA

New 25,000 sq. ft. floor to be used as imaging center for Sharp Hospital. The imaging center consisted of multiple CAT scan units, MRI unit and multiple X-ray units with office spaces for doctors and nursing staff. My role in the project was to review mechanical design, attend clients meetings and respond to city plan check comments.

Fallon Air Force Station Buildings Assessment

Led a team of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers to investigate MEP systems serving 23 buildings located in Fallon, NV; four buildings were for air crafts maintenance; air hangers. Other buildings were used for control, administrative, training and storage purposes. At the end of our site visit a detailed technical report addressing different electromechanical systems deficiencies found in the buildings had to be turned in to the air force public work department at Fallon. The report addressed also recommendations to upgrade existing systems and the associated cost involved. In addition the report recommended upgrading certain systems in critical areas for code compliance.

One of my roles in the project was to make sure that engineers addressed major technical deficiencies and made reasonable decisions on upgrading MEP systems to enhance efficiency and reduce running energy cost. In addition, I had to make sure that the technical report recommendations are in compliance with UFC, International Code and Industry Standards.

San Diego International Airport Server Room, San Diego, CA

Project consisted of adding a new air-conditioning system for a server room in San Diego International Airport. The project included many options for the air-conditioning systems and I had to coordinate with the Owner’s representative the requirements for future expansion of the server room, available space, reliability of the system and redundancy. My role in this project was to technically lead the engineering team, coordinate the design with all other trades and respond to clients comments. In addition, I had to ensure full satisfaction of the client through the design process and during construction.

LA policeLos Angeles Police Department Head Quarter

The project consisted of ten floors with office spaces, meeting rooms, two underground parking levels and adjacent building for conferences and meetings. My role in the project is to review the building constructability, check implementation of proper design standards and write a report about findings that may cause construction delay or change orders.

Lynwood City Hall, Lynwood, CA

Mechanical design engineer responsible of renovating the HVAC system for Lynwood city, the project consisted of replacing multiple roof top package units and modify zoning system to enhance comfort level. My role in this project was to design the HVAC systems and coordinate design with all other trades.

Theolacy Contact Visiting Area- Non-Contact Visiting Hall, Orange County, CA

Mechanical design engineer responsible of design of mechanical HVAC system to accommodate architectural changes for the non-contact visiting hall at the Theolacy facility at Orange County, the new architectural changes were to develop mainly two main passages inside the visiting halls one for the prisoners and another one for the visitors and to come with individual compartments for meetings. The new HVAC design required to address all architectural and safety guidelines of the facilities and use existing equipment to address not only the new changes but to comply with code requirements.

San Diego International Airport Terminal One, San Diego, CA

MEP project manager for renovating restrooms at San Diego International Airport; terminal one; this project required several site surveys to update airport’s existing as build drawings and come up with a detailed plan to help the airport authority to minimize not only the down time needed to finish the project but also to limit construction in areas around restrooms. This task required also extensive cooperation between all trades and multiple coordination meetings between Architect, design MEP team and Airport project managers.

My role in this project was to coordinate the technical aspects of the project with the Architect and the Airport representative. Also, to ensure that the MEP design reflects all the onsite existing conditions to minimize the construction schedule.

Seal Beach Marine Base Buildings Assessment

Led a team of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers to investigate MEP systems serving 25 buildings located in Seal Beach Marine base and wrote a detailed technical report about different systems. The report addressed recommendations to upgrade existing systems and the associated cost involved. In addition the report recommended upgrading certain systems in critical areas for code compliance.

Qualcomm Data Center, San Diego, CA

Adding new CDU’s to one of the main data centers for Qualcomm headquarter building in San Diego, CA. My role in this project was to lead MEP design team, review capacity for new racks thermal loads, coordinate mechanical design with existing mechanical chilled water system, review supplier’s submittals, coordinate drawings and respond to owners technical comments.

Grossmont Medical PMB Office Building, San Diego, CA

New 125,000 sq. ft. four stories building to be used for medical office suites. The building was to be designed as a core and shell only. My role in the project was to review design drawings and modify them to meet clients’ specs, coordinate different trades with HVAC system, approve shop drawings, respond to city plan check comments and resolve sites conflicts.

Florence Joyner Elementary School, San Diego, CA

Project consisted of seven building including an administration building. All buildings were air-conditioned using high efficiency roof top package units with gas heating. As a project manager my role was to attend construction meetings with architect and subcontractors, review design drawings, direct subcontractors and answer their questions, review contractors’ submittals, direct the MEP commissioning teams and approve commissioning tests.

Grossmont College Central Plant Room, San Diego, CA

The central HVAC plant room for Grossmont College campus consisted of three centrifugal water chiller of a total capacity of 2000 tons in total capacity and five cooling towers with associated pumps controlled with VFD drives. The central plants encountered major operational problems and my role in this project was to review design drawings, find out the cause of these problems and recommend steps of fixing these problems without interrupting campus operation or cause major change orders. Problems were defined with proper steps of resolutions and in a very timely manner fashion that did not interrupt campus operation.

Southwestern Community College, Chula Vista, CA

Led a group of engineers to assess various MEP systems serving the cafeteria and kitchen areas for the college and recommended changes to upgrade HVAC system to meet new California energy standards. Project included field work, interviews, research and report writing.

Palazzo Residential Project, San Diego, CA

Project consisted of 15 town homes and a three stories building that consisted of an underground parking garage and thirty one luxury condominiums. The project was located in a La-Jolla area where noise is considered a major concern. Mechanical equipment had to be located where it will not affect adjacent building and certain precautions have to be taken to minimize noise effects. This task required detailed coordination between all different trades. As a project manager I was responsible for all technical aspects of the project including but not limited to clients meetings, HVAC design, respond to city plan check comments and coordination of mechanical systems with different trades.

Biarritz Residential Towers (High Rise), San Diego, CA

Redesigned the HVAC system for a high rise ten story condominium building located down town San Diego. The HVAC system consisted of heat pumps system operated with cooling towers and boilers located on building roof.

Diegan Hotel, San Diego, CA

Project Manager responsible for MEP design for Hotel’s SPA, kitchens, restaurant, bar, 20th and 21st suites floors, attending client and contractor’s RFI’s.

Hilton International, Hilton Al-Nour and Hilton Plaza, Hurgada, Egypt ($ 150M)

Each hotel had more than two hundred guest rooms with staff housing, laundry facility indoor and out door swimming pools, sewerage stations, desalination water plants and restaurants. My role was to review design drawings make necessary modifications and redesign HVAC systems, field witness inspection tests and coordinate mechanical systems with other trades. Approve shop drawings, attending construction meetings and report project construction progress to ensure project completion as per schedule.

Computer Skills

Energy Pro, Q-basic, Trace 700, Block Load, Psychrometric Analysis, Microsoft Project, ANSYS, Visio 4 drawing and AutoCAD 2004.


Numerical Simulation Parametric Study of a Two-Stroke Direct Injection Compression Ignition Linear Engine, Presented in SAE Fuel and Lubrication Conference Reno, Nevada, May 2002

Metering Two-Phase Air/Water Flow for Different Regimes Using Annubar


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